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This online genealogical diary is hosted by Barry T. Self. It is primarily for information pertaining to the SELF surname, more particularly for descendants of John J. and Lydia Avaline Waters Self, who were married in Union County, GA in 1851. Barry Self is the SELF proclaimed family genealogist and historian, having spent over 20 years researching this Self line. This diary is dedicated to preserving and sharing the findings of his research.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


I have wanted to share some information about DNA testing as it relates to genealogy on this site for some time now. I have struggled with the right words to use to explain this technology in terms that will be understandable because it is a new subject for me as well. I decided to just share a testimonial about the benefits of DNA testing from a man I call my first "genetic cousin". He has written a very good article about the topic and I appreciate his input.

David Eugene Self lives in Virginia. I met him and his wife at the 2005 Self Gathering in Chattanooga, TN this past April. David and I were two of the three Self men who agreed to be tested on the spot after Kathi Bobb gave her presentation on DNA testing at the gathering. Our DNA matched closely. It is so close that it means there is a 95% probability that we have a common ancestor within the last 500 years. We matched in all loci, which means there is a 99.9% likelihood that we have a common ancestor. This is incredible! David is a native of Alabama and I am a native of Tennessee. We live hundreds of miles apart. We had never met before April, never knew one another existed, but we are cousins somewhere down the line. I find that amazing. The most difficult task lies ahead. We must now try to prove/document just how we are related. That will not be easy, but at least we know we are related. The hunt is on.

I want to thank David for his willingness to test and for his testimonial. I also want to encourage all Self descendants to consider testing. The more we have to test, the more results we will have to compare. Come on you Self men. Step up to the plate ! Testing is easy. It only takes a few minutes and by testing you will be making history... Self family history.

David's article follows. For more information about DNA testing for genealogy purposes log onto the FamilyTreeDNA website at this address: